High Lift Track For Garage Doors


High lift track for garage door is used to capitalize on the headroom just above sectional overhead door. Unlike standard lift tracks that curve back horizontally above the opening, the high lift track allows the door to travel further vertically. The high lift track for garage door frees up lots of space. It is helpful for commercial and residential buildings where the overhead garage doors in open position are there in the way.
Te overhead garage doors are hit easily with fork truck and other equipments in commercial applications. The warehouses and storage facilities that do not use high lift tracks might find themselves replacing the garage door panels routinely. Although high-lift conversion kits may cost you upfront money, it’ll likely save your company or you in long run. The key benefit to the high lift tracks is the capability to maximize the room that was wasted just by not getting taller garage door.

Locating the right high-lift tracks to install is quite simple to calculate. As the spring line onto high lift assembly utilizes about 12 inch of space so you need to subtract this amount from the high-lift track calculation. The high lift applications utilize special drums which are much bigger than standard lift drum in most cases. If you do not give enough space to the drums, they will slip against ceiling during their working. The formula to calculate the maximum quantity of high lift that you can utilize is (Floor to the Ceiling Height) – (the Rough Opening’s Height) – (12 inch) = (Max High Lift)

Measure it from floor to nearest obstruction on ceiling (example 144 inches)
Measure rough opening’s height of your garage door (example 96 inches)
Now subtract 12 inch from this figure to justify the spring line, that is (144 inch -96 inch -12 inch = 36 inch)
The highest lift that you can utilize in the above example is 36 inch or 3 feet high lift.

As high lift track of garage door makes the door to move up the headers further before curving standard garage door openers won’t work properly according to garage door repair experts. The beam or rail of the opener would bolt in the header as well as block the garage door from raising. The jackshaft motors keep away from this entire problem by mounting on side of the garage door. A high lift track application needs manual operation or a jackshaft side mount opener.

The minimum suggested space to install a highlift track is about 24-inch. If you’ve less than 24 inch space use 18-inch or 15-inch radius track rather than highlift. Installing lesser than 12 inch of high lift tracks is just a waste of money and time. High lift kits can range in cost by size of the garage door and the amount of highlift which should be installed. Contact you’re a local garage door repair tech or installation company for a custom estimate on this kind of work. Most of them offer free site evaluation and quote for a high lift installation.